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A Quick Bio

Mr. S lives in the West Midlands, United Kingdom, with his assortment of cats and partner, M. A long-term advocate of small motorcycles and scooters, he worked as a Deliveroo courier from 2015 to 2018, and wrote extensively of his experiences in the saddle of the fledgling "gig economy" in the "Deliverscoot" blog in this time. Deliverscoot went into hibernation in 2018 and became "Scooter Adventures" as he left the industry.

In 2019, Mr. S aquired an allotment and unexpectedly found great inner peace (for want of a less corny description) in working there and in his garden. Now tied into the allotment for a very long time, the blog found on this site is more of a diary than an instructional piece, but will hopefully be of use to somebody. If not, at least it's being kept in a safe place.

Outside of the allotment and small bikes, he maintains a blog for venting on this site. There's no set theme for this one, being purely used for the things that don't fit anywhere else. He is a semi-competent musician and has had a few uneventful releases, although this site isn't for that. His house is in an appalling state and, along with M, he spends a lot of his time trying to make it a comfortable, pleasant home.

A contact form will eventually be provided... when I start to understand how to make one.